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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The 2020 Dodge Charger Could Look Something Like This


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2020 is expected to be a pretty big year for the American auto industry—or at least, parts of it. Ford is expected to unveil a new Mustang (as we previewed earlier in the month), and now rumors are suggesting a new Dodge Charger will be unveiled alongside it in Detroit. Oh boy!
“An insider” allegedly leaked out the new to Automotive News, and even more interestingly, gave us a hint as to the design direction. Remember the weirdly beautiful Charger concept from 1999? Expect something closer to that when we see a new one in 2020.


It will still be a big, hulking thing at 198-inches long and over 3,500 pounds, but it will be a bit lighter on its feet thanks to the extended Alfa Romeo Giulia platform that it will be riding on.
At this point, most of the reports are still speculation. Dodge still has four years to iron out the details of its new and hopefully much-improved Charger. We can only hope that it still has some insane power plant under the hood (fingers crossed).