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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This is the Only Ferrari 458 MM in the World


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When you buy a new Ferrari, you enter a pretty exclusive club, whether it be the entry-level Ferrari California T or the range-topping LaFerrari hypercar. But when you ask Ferrari to build you a unique, one-off vehicle…that exclusive club becomes a party of one.
And this is one such vehicle—the 2016 Ferrari 458 MM Speciale.
According to the heritage Italian automaker, the 458 MM supercar was built at the request of one of Ferrari’s most enthusiastic British clients, and designed exclusively by the Ferrari Styling Center.

Though new in name, the Ferrari 458 MM shares its chassis and 597-horsepower V8 powertrain with the late-great Ferrari 458 Speciale (now replaced with the new 488 GTB), however its svelte bodywork and styling treatments are said to be all-new.


The custom exterior treatments include redesigned carbon fiber and aluminum bodywork featuring new front and side air inlets for better cooling, a bespoke rear spoiler, unique wheels, modified headlights and taillights, as well as a new “visor” effect wrap-around windscreen made possible through black-painted A-pillars (in the style of the 1985 Ferrari GTO), per the client’s request. The roofline has now been lowered as well, which in conjunction with the other racy modifications, result in the MM’s enhanced aerodynamics over the standard Ferrari 458.

At the right angle, it looks to share some similar lines with cars like the Lotus Evora 400 and Ford GT. Though, we can’t help but think it’s pure coincidence. Most supercars do look similar, after all.
Outside, the supercar’s stunning Bianco Italia racing livery pays homage to the Italian flag, while inside, Ferrari says the interior has been restyled to the owner’s exacting specifications, now outfitted with Cioccolato (or “chocolate”) leather upholstery with white stitching, as well as a new audio system.


Seen here, the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale was recently photographed during testing at Ferrari’s private Fiorano test track in Italy. Ferrari hasn’t commented on the origins of the one-off supercar’s “MM” moniker, though it’s likely a nod to the classic Mille Miglia Italian road race.

Ferrari also hasn’t revealed the price tag for the one-of-one vehicle, however previous one-off Ferraris (such as the $4.2 million Ferrari F12 TRS) have been alleged to cost well into the millions and millions of dollars. If you have to ask…