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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Drive the Rainbow With New BMW i8 Colors Purple, Yellow, and Green


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Good news, everyone! BMW has finally decided to offer their electric supercar in some fun colors instead of blue, white, and many shades of grey. Not so good news everyone! The new colors from BMW’s “Individual” collection will only be available in the U.K. (at least for now) probably because of the success of the limited edition Protonic Red model which was also exclusive to the U.K.
The six new colors pictured here are Speed Yellow, Solar Orange, Twilight Purple Pearl, Frozen Grey, Frozen Black, and my personal favorite, Java Green. Other colors such as San Marino Blue and Grigio Telesto Pearl will be available through the program as well, but are not pictured in the lineup for some reason.

On top of offering U.K. i8 shoppers a taste of the rainbow, BMW is also allowing them further tweak their favorite flavor. All colors are available with a metallic, non-metallic or  Xirallic finishes, which BMW says will create “scintillating effects”, thanks to a mixture of synthetic mica, or aluminum flakes in the paint. For those who don’t fancy more than a bit of sparkle on their ride, a matte finish is also available, and probably advisable given the loud personality of the car.


s it odd that BMW chose to offer this array of colors to an island nation typically known for their love of staid design? Certainly struck me as a bit strange, but then again, my view of English culture is distorted by growing up watching Upstairs Downstairs and Fawlty Towers.

Clearly the success of the aforementioned Protonic Red i8 is indicative of where the market for the i8 is headed, so it’s pretty easy to see how buyers who are already in the market for a rather outlandish car would want to take it a step further by opting for one of these individual colors.