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Saturday, May 28, 2016

This is Essentially a Brand New 1991 BMW 850i Sports Car


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If there’s an automaker capable of consistently pleasing the sports car enthusiasts of the world, it’s BMW. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a minger within its current crop, ‘M’ performance cars or otherwise. 
That said, its record isn’t completely peerless, and to many this car was one of its biggest foibles—the BMW 850i. Having debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989, the BMW 850i’s looks stunned the motoring press, however its on-road performance left many expecting more.

Either way, they remain incredibly good looking after more than two decades of life, and this rare car is about as close as you’ll get to buying a brand new one. How so? This 1991 BMW 850i has driven just 1,759 kilometers from new (a total of 1,093 miles). Better yet, it’s up for sale.


While driving dynamics may have left some 850i owners cold, the vast amount of technology under its skin certainly didn’t. These 8-series BMWs came packed to the gills with amenities, including dual-zone climate control, electronic stability control, a 12-speaker stereo system, and all wrapped in an exquisitely appointed interior.

It heralded a number of ‘firsts’ too, including the first electronic fly-by-wire system used in a road car and the first “CAN bus” wiring system.

Straight line performance wasn’t too shabby either. The BMW 850i boasted a 295 horsepower 5.0-liter V12, which was supremely smooth, and either routed to the rear wheels through a four-speed automatic or six-speed manual. Top speed? 155 mph. The 8-series line later included 4.0- and 4.4-liter V8 coupes, as well as a bigger 5.4-liter V12 and a screaming 372 hp 5.6-liter V12 (à la the hen’s teeth BMW 850CSi).

But it’s the car’s stellar looks that really make this ‘90s machine a mouthwatering piece of BMW history, and this one appears to be spotless.


Its enjoyed just one owner since 1991 and accumulated a scant 195 miles since 1995. And while the vast majority of BMW 850i coupes were fitted with automatic transmissions, this is one of the few that sports the more desirable six-speed manual.

Falling in love? So are we. The 1991 BMW 850i will cross the auction block this weekend at Silverstone Auction’s event in Denmark, and it’s expected to fetch upwards of €90,000 ($100,000) for its like-new condition.