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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

McLaren's new 650S GT3 race car can be yours for a cool $562,000



McLaren 650S GT3
Yes, if you've got a spare half a million bucks lying around (and who doesn't, right?), you can own – and race – a proper GT sports car built by the legendary McLaren Formula One team. But you've been able to do that for sometime with the race-winning 12C GT3,
so what makes this 650S GT3 revealed today even better?

Firstly, it looks more evil – and that's important for a race car. The P1-inspired front fascia is becoming a theme for the Woking-based automaker, and on the 650S production car, I'm not sure how well it works. But on the GT3 racer it looks positively menacing.
It's also quicker over a lap, too, due to a 52mm-wider front track providing better front grip, larger tires, and a new race-tuned suspension system. The same 500-hp 3.8-liter twin turbo V-8 remains, but its meshed to an improved six-speed sequential gearbox.
To ease the "cost of ownership," McLaren has reworked the cooling by enlarging the intakes in the front bumper and re-profiling the side sills, as well as ensuring parts that may need changing quickly during longer endurance-style races – like tires – can be achieved easier, like only having one single wheel nut on each axle.
 Customers of the old 12C GT3 can upgrade their race car to near-650S GT3 spec, in the same way 12C production car owners can add-on some of the fancier 650S bits.
Only 15 650S GT3s will be made for the upcoming 2015 race season, with each one costing $562,000. That's not cheap, but then again, you are buying an actual McLaren GT3 race car, so what did you expect?