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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mechanic Crashes Owner’s Ferrari Enzo in CT


    It is a sad day whenever we hear about a supercar being destroyed through the reckless operation of a foolish driver.
     It is maddening when you hear that the driver is not the owner, but an employee for the company with which the owner left the car.

The vehicle in question is a Ferrari Enzo. It is one of the most advanced, potent and apparently hardest cars to drive. According to Jalopnik, the owner, Michael Fux (seriously) is a New Jersey resident and CEO of a sleep innovation company.
 He left the car in the typically capable hands of Miller Motorcars of Greenwich, CT. And it all went downhill from there.

The car was being driven by Leonardo Garcia, a Ferrari technician at Miller. His copilot was fellow Miller employee Daniel Palchik, an Aston Martin tech.
The Enzo apparently fishtailed on the entrance ramp to I-95 on exit 7 in CT, at which point it veered across multiple lanes, before coming to a stop at the median, facing oncoming traffic. 


Garcia was issued a ticket for failing to stay within the lines, and suffered a minor cut to the head. We think that if the car gods were watching, Garcia would not have gotten off with such light physical and financial tolls.