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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Can Cadillac Become A True Global Luxury Car Manufacturer?


Cadillac Elmiraj

Cadillac is doing well at the moment, with the company enjoying much success due to its new cars and new attitude. The press has been greeting them with both open arms and loving reviews.
Additionally, the quality of the brand has increased ten-fold in the last few years, following a miserable decade of bland cars that mostly gained support from the Florida cotton top crowd.

And while it could be easy for GM’s flagship brand to slowly slip back into complacence, Cadillac is determined to look towards the future and become the luxury brand it once was.


According to a report from AutoEvolutionCadillac’s new CEO, Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac plans to revise the company’s entire lineup by the end of the decade. With that, Cadillac’s goal is to increase its luxury car market share by 1.6% to garner a total 5% of the global luxury car segment. That means that sales would have to increase to around 500,000 cars each year. That goal seems like a far-off chance, since this year’s sales projections all peg Cadillac selling around 300,000 cars.

That said, Cadillac is planning on increasing the number of cars throughout its lineup. De Nysschen has stated that the company wants to expand in car, subcompact, SUV and crossover segments, with the majority of the increase in SUVs and crossovers. With the increasing popularity of luxury crossovers, Cadillac sees a potential windfall for the company if it invests heavily into that segment.

2016 Cadillac CTS-V

However, one might caution Cadillac from diverting too much of its budget into building mostly crossovers and SUVs. The buying public can be extremely fickle in terms of what’s the hot new car trend, and the public seems to be at the height of the crossover boom. By the end of the decade, people could be already onto the next new trend.

Where Cadillac can succeed is by making itself the luxury brand it once was. That means updating not only the interior quality of its cars, but also the entire consumer experience. To truly go after Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and a few others, Cadillac is going to have to do more than just expand its lineup. It will also have to increase the true luxury experience, something that seems to be lacking in its current lineup.