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Saturday, August 22, 2015

This Hybrid Hypercar Concept Could Be Exactly What Maserati Needs

Maserati Hypercar Concept 2

Maserati is the new Ferrari. At least that's what FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has to say about it. While the verdict is very much still out on that statement, the idea of a high-end, Ferrari-rivaling Maserati is something that should excite the enthusiast in you.

But in order to sell something that FCA claims will best Ferrari, it would need to be dramatic. It would need to be beautiful. Most importantly, though, it would need to be fast. Enter design student Maurice Maschmeyer from Pasadena, California, and his stunning Tipo 975 Ernesto concept.

It's a concept car that begs less of a question of ‘why?' and more of a question of ‘when?'

Maserati Hypercar Concept

Starting from the exterior: the design is dramatic in every sense of the word. A long, sloping hood, a low center of gravity, and some rear angles that would make any supermodel jealous. But the real piece de resistance is the lack of a windshield (for now), which really accentuates the impractical, futuristic styling.

"Designed to keep Maserati's heritage and incorporate its nautical influences, the 975 has a forward prone proportion enhanced by a ‘shark's ribcage' that extends rearwards from the middle of the vehicle," stated Maurice. "Its strong, low jaw with sharp teeth and high rear hips emphasize that it is always on its feet and ready to pounce forward."

Maserati Hypercar Concept 3

It definitely sounds exciting—but it's not all about looks.
Maurice visualizes a 975-horsepower hybrid powertrain to fit nicely under the hood. It would have one engine and four batteries, the most important of which being a front-mid inline-6 engine with 325 horsepower. That inline-6 would power the dual front electric motors and the independent dual rear hub motors. Of which, all would be attached directly to the wheels.

Along with the hybrid drivetrain, you would get adaptive all-wheel drive, and an estimated range of 200 miles in pure electric mode. Though, this thing was really made to unleash on the track.

Maserati Hypercar Concept 4

While it all sounds like something we'd love see on the road today, Maurice doesn't visualize it ready for road use until 2025. Of course, celebrating Maserati's 50th anniversary this year, it's named after one of the founding brothers of the brand, Ernesto Maserati.