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Thursday, August 20, 2015

This 600-HP Chevy Nova Isn’t American, It’s Danish



When people think “muscle car,” the next thought that comes to mind is “America.” It’s only natural, Detroit spat out these gung-ho performers like a well-oiled machine in the 1960s. However, muscle car adoration knows no boundaries, and this beastly 1966 Chevy Nova is proof. 
It’s set-up in the pro-touring style and would fit right in on the streets of Los Angeles or the Motor City. Instead, this Chevy Nova hails from Denmark—a product of the Hot Rod & Coffee custom shop—and unleashes its muscle car fury on the byways of northern Europe. It recently surfaced on eBay, and it’s definitely one automotive ambassador that America can be proud of.


As if you couldn’t tell by the “BOOSTED” license plate, there’s something mighty special under the hood of this Nova. Try a supercharged 6.2-liter Chevrolet LSA V8—the same engine you’ll find under the Cadillac CTS-V and the punchy Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. In the current Camaro, that V8 musters up 580 horsepower. In the Nova, that’s said to be an even 600-hp, thanks in part to Lemon headers, a new fuel system, intercooler, and Griffin performance radiator. Old body meets new heart, with epic results.

But this Chevy Nova isn’t just a case of “big engine in a compact car.” Hot Rod & Coffee also reinforced the car’s chassis, which now sports Ridetech coil-over shocks, Wilwood brakes, and a four-link suspension setup in the back. Power travels rearward through a GM four-speed automatic, and a Ford 9-inch rear end, packed with 3.50 gears, helps distribute that supercharged grunt to a set of sticky Michelin tires. It’s a serious brute, for sure.


Part of that sinister demeanor comes from its no-nonsense paint job, said to be a shade of Mercedes Graphite. Inside, things are equally serious, yet highly fit-and-finished. The vintage dashboard contrasts a modern gauge cluster, racing steering wheel, Recaro leather seats, and a roll cage.

Interestingly enough, before it entered the marketplace, the supercharged Chevy Nova was used as a wedding vehicle…perfectly suited for dashing away after the service. Jeez, imagine that ride.