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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Six-Wheeled Land Rover Defender Can Be Yours for $310,000



Here’s a unique problem. Let’s say you were devastated when Mercedes cut production of its six-wheel-drive, 544-horsepower G-Wagen goliath—the G63 AMG 6×6. A sad day indeed. 
Well, fret not, because the UK’s A. Kahn Design has a replacement to fill your over-the-top luxo-SUV needs. It’s called the Land Rover Defender “Flying Huntsman” 6×6, and it debuted earlier in 2015 as a concept car in Geneva. Now, it’s in limited production and it will cost £199,875 (around $310,000 at today’s rates) to take one home.

That may sound like a sizable chunk of money—and it is—but considering the Mercedes G63 6×6 utes cost over half a million, the Flying Huntsman seems like a good buy.


But just what do you get for your hard earned dollars or pounds? Quite frankly, a lot.

The Flying Huntsman was created by dissecting a modern Land Rover Defender 110. The most obvious addition is the Defender’s new third set of wheels, permitting overland travel of even the most treacherous terrain. What isn’t so obvious are the extensive body mods that have widened the Land Rover by six inches and added a full 15 inches to the front end—creating a “longnose” bonnet style.

Though undeniably a British Land Rover, underneath that imposing schnoz beats a punchy Chevrolet LS3 V8, which pumps out around 430 horsepower through a six-speed GM automatic gearbox.

.Expectedly, the truck’s chassis, suspension, and brakes have been heavily modified to cope with its six-wheeled transformation.


Despite that rough and tumble off-road appearance, the interior of the Flying Huntsman is highly posh and refined. Red leather sport seats with quilted inserts find a home inside, complemented by swathes of leather and tweed in the door cards, headliner, and glovebox.

This Land Rover Flying Huntsman also looks to be the Geneva Motor Show concept car, which may add an additional bit of rarity to the Mercedes-rivaling behemoth. Which super-SUV would you rather have?