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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Futuristic Audi Union Concept Relives Cars of Racing Past


Audi Concept 11

Throughout the 1930s, the single-seat Auto Union race cars were some of the most amazing looking machines on the track—and also some of the most successful. The racers took home 25 victories between 1935 and 1937 alone, and even nearly broke 200 mph.
But as times changed, so did the engineering. The Auto Union racers were eventually retired, paving the way for newer and faster vehicles. But Russian artist Burov Art wants to revive the glory days of the Auto Union racer with a new concept.

Audi Concept 2

He’s calling it the Audi Union concept, being Audi is the only automaker still kicking from the Auto Union days. It’s very clearly a nod to the Auto Union racer of past, but built for a more modern era.
The front end is aerodynamic and aggressive, and the single central seating position features a roll cage to keep things a bit safer this time around. In the back the vents and what looks like a central taillight keeps things simple.

Audi Concept 4

Though it is just a rendering, the artist imagines it to be mid-engined, with either a conventional or turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Whatever the case, it’s stunning nonetheless.