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Monday, August 24, 2015

One Photographer Turned A 1994 Ram Van Into the Perfect Road Trip Vehicle


The ideal road trip vehicle needs plenty of room for your stuff, a place to rest your weary head, and all the comforts of home. This 1994 Dodge Ram van proved the solution for photographer Travis Burke as he took a journey across North America.

Travis Burke is a 28-year old Californian who transformed his grandmother’s 1994 Dodge Ram into the ultimate vehicle for a year-long road trip. The conversion process took him about five months to complete, a fraction of the time he planned to spend in the van.


According to RoadTrippers, the professional photographer took a year-long trip snapping pictures on the way. A vehicle like the Ram was essential to the journey. He needed someplace where he could spend hours editing photos and videos. That place also needed to be mobile and provide the necessities for being on the road, often in places without much civilization.

The goal of his project was to encourage people to hit the road and explore. He did it and so can anyone else. Taking a road trip doesn’t have to be about getting to a specific destination. Burke hopes people will simply explore the world, whether it’s a year-long journey across a continent or a day-trip right outside their door.