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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This Local Motors Shooting Brake Concept is All Kinds of Awesome


Local Motors Vision

When using terms like “breathtaking” or “stunning” to describe a car, said car in question typically hails from Italy and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.
So you’d be pretty surprised to hear that we’re using those same words to describe American-branded shooting brake concept (albeit designed by a Romanian designer).
It’s called the Local Motors GT Vision Blast, and it is stunning in every sense of the word. It was created by design student Gabriel Hantig as a literal vision of a Local Motors-branded vehicle for the Gran Turismo video game.

Local Motors Vision 3

From top to bottom, every inch of this car oozes aggression. The design was originally inspired by the 2010 Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa Zagato, but picked up a meaner set of lines in the process.
The honeycomb grille and vents were uniquely sculpted, and the front end looks to have more angles than a stealth fighter. And then there’s the rear—which Hantig purposely detailed to display its monster-like persona.

“On the rear I tried to add a detail for the identity;” said Hantig. “The wing curved up, and rear exhaust placed almost at the center to be 100% visible, so the cars behind could see that it’s a powerful monster.”
Local Motors Vision 4

Though this is just a rendering, Hantig imagines that this unique machine will have a full carbon fiber body, and a pretty hefty amount of horsepower under the hood.

Local Motors Vision 2

“The engine could be a small, naturally-aspirated engine with a KERS system. Something like a 3.0-liter V6 with about 450 horsepower. That would make the car a really crazy beast.”

It’s an amazing concept, and one that we’d definitely love to see on the track.