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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Forget the Stingray, This Corvette is a Jaguar!



Lots of Corvette owners can claim they drive a “Stingray.” A whole lot less can claim to own a Corvette “Jaguar.” Take a gander at which category this one falls into, that is, if you can even spot the camouflaged big cat. 
Joking aside, this eye-catching Jaguar-print Corvette recently graced the pages of eBay, and it just goes to show that if you think you’ve seen it all…you probably haven’t seen it all. According to the spotted sports car’s owner, the 1971 Corvette has been in their possession for the last 40 years, though it hasn’t always been so vibrant.


The ’71 Chevy first donned its hand-painted jungle cat color scheme in 1996, at the hands of one Sarasota, Florida artist. The paint job looks to have held up well over the years, and the owner has a number of trophies to prove it, including “people’s choice awards” from the North Dakota state fair and various Corvette shows. Interestingly, they note a ’75 Corvette bumper was added to this car at one point, giving it a longer, more pronounced schnoz.
Under the hood beats a 350 cubic inch Chevrolet V8, which in 1971 could still belt out a good deal of horsepower. That small block mates to a four-speed manual gearbox, and if prodded, this Corvette could really pounce…well, like a Jaguar.


Unfortunately, due to a disability, the owner says they haven’t driven the sports car much in the past seven to eight years, and will now have to let go of the ‘Vette for good. It’s undoubtedly a tough decision, but something tells us this classic jungle cat will find plenty of new territory to roam.