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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Concours d’LeMons Is the Pebble Beach Car Show for the 99%


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Concours d'LeMons

The Concours d’Elegance is an elegant spectacle. It showcases beautiful, collectible, and very expensive cars from around the world. The Concours d’LeMons is its country bumpkin cousin who just wants to have some fun and show off the weird, wonderful, and wacky of the automotive world.

This is not a car show for the pretentious who want to discuss the finer points of Mercedes-Benz design during the 1960s, or the merits of open pore versus highly varnished wood trims. It is a car show for that guy who has been tinkering around in his garage for the last few years to make some old rust bucket road worthy. That definition of road worthiness is up for debate, usually over a cold beer. Therein lies its beauty.

Concours d'LeMons Pope

Events happen across the U.S. with the next show scheduled for Saturday, August 15 in Monterey, California. It’s free to get in and it’s free to show a car. Forget the stuffy, snooty high-culture car show assumptions. This one is for the real people with awards for “Most Dangerous”, “WTF?”, and “Worst of Show.”

You will see cars that make you laugh, cars that make you cringe, and a few that may make you cry. If that happens, then you’ve truly experienced all that the Concours d’LeMons has to offer.

It truly is the automotive festivus for the rest of us!

Concours d'LeMons Rusted