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Monday, August 31, 2015

TVR is Completely Sold Out of Its V8 Sports Car—And It’s Not Even Built



Haven’t you heard? The good folks at TVR are bringing new vehicles to market. This time, the company its taking its sports cars very seriously. That’s why when 2017 rolls around, you’ll see a new TVR sports car on the road. Too bad you can’t buy it.
According to Autocar, every last one of TVR’s new V8 sports car has been accounted for. For a mere $7,000 (£5,000) deposit, potential owners began putting down deposits beginning on July 7th of this year. If you want to put down a deposit now, you’ll have to wait another year until 2018 for your car to be built.


Right now, the details on this nonexistent sports car are pretty much that—nonexistent. We do know that TVR will be working closely with Gordon Murray Design in terms of aesthetics, and Cosworth in development of an engine. There are also rumors floating around surrounding a tubular steel space frame with body panels, but nothing is confirmed.
Next to this unnamed, undeveloped sports car, TVR hopes to add three more vehicles to its lineup. But first, the new(ish) marque needs to prove itself before it becomes a serious player.