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Friday, August 14, 2015

Is Plug-In Hybrid Automaker Fisker Ready for a Comeback?



00-fisker karma

Is Fisker done? Maybe not. The brainchild of Henrik Fisker has been the on-again/off-again saga of the hybrid-EV world. The latest news reveals the that the plug-in hybrid automaker could be gearing up for a comeback.
According to the Los Angeles Times, Fisker has taken out an 11-year lease on a Moreno Valley, CA property. This location east of Los Angeles could be where the embattled automaker sets up shop to once again produce produce plug-in hybrids.

01-fisker atlantic

But Fisker is no longer a standalone company. It now has the backing of its new owners, the Wanxiang Group, which acquired Fisker in February of 2014. We will now be waiting to see if the revived the company will produce the Karma flagship (top image), smaller Atlantic (above image), or stunning Surf wagon (below).

Fisker originally opened in 2009 and showed promise, but after repeated delays, and a recall of its batteries, the company stopped production in summer of 2012, after building less than 2,500 cars. It officially filed for bankruptcy in November of 2013.

One of the biggest setbacks was the recall of its batteries, supplied by A123 Systems, itself filing bankruptcy in October of 2012, after taking hundreds of millions of dollars in investors’ dollars and government loans.

02-fisker surf

It may come as little surprise that Wanxiang Group also acquired A123 Systems. Perhaps under the careful watch of China’s largest automotive supplier, these two companies can finally be successful. The new property is expected to facilitate about 150 workers, to even if Fisker makes a triumphant return, it will be on a small scale.