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Friday, August 7, 2015

Tesla Announces Model X Date, And a Self-Driving Uber Rival?


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Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked an interesting question during a call to discuss the company’s second quarter earnings. It had nothing to do with their financial outlook for the rest of the year, but was instead about the possibility of Tesla introducing a self-driving car service similar to Uber. Musk’s response spoke volumes.

He neither confirmed nor denied anything, which means there’s something out there that he’s not willing to confirm, yet. According to MarketWatch, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas asked Musk about a self-driving service. Musk thought it was an insightful question and said, “I don’t think I should answer it.


 An outright “no” would indicate that this wasn’t in the cards at all, but not answering the question means there’s something going on with the idea. Perhaps it isn’t a fully self-driving vehicle, but one that incorporates only some autonomous features. It’s a reasonable guess given Tesla’s plans to include advanced autonomous driving features in their cars this quarter.

What Musk did confirm was a delivery date for the long-awaited Model X. According to Cnet, Musk stated deliveries to customers would happen by September 30th. There are over 20,000 existing orders for the car with people putting down $5,000 to reserve one. Despite a delivery date, pricing still hasn’t been announced although it’s expected to be close to the $50K range of the Model S.