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Monday, May 2, 2016

Watch This Wild Ambulance Rollover Test


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Ambulance Rollover

There are plenty of crash test videos out there, but this one is a little different. Instead of a car or truck being tested, it’s an ambulance that’s being thrown around like a toy during a rollover test.
The most amazing part of this entire video is that it’s the first time a company has conducted ambulance rollover testing. Braun Industries gets credit for being the first company to perform this safety test. They used a 10-year-old ambulance to determine how well the box holds up during a rollover.

The results are impressive and should provide some peace of mind if you ever happen to ride in an ambulance and be conscious enough to think about its safety. As Jalopnik notes, there’s minimal damage to the exterior and it maintains structural integrity.

Watch through to the end and you’ll get a look inside, too. There’s a dummy strapped into a stretcher and, unbelievably, the stretcher and dummy stay put other than its arms flailing around.

 Although, if that was a real person, he’d be able to lay claim to the absolute worst of bad days getting into a rollover while being transported for a medical emergency.