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Friday, July 4, 2014

2016 Mazda Miata is Probably Turbocharged, Coming September 3rd [Video]



Yesterday we saw Mazda tease us with a trailer of the all-new roadster. But lo and behold, there was a surprise if you listened close enough— it sounds like it might be turbocharged. That’s right, a turbo Miata.


You may remember that when Mazda was out and about testing it’s Miata mule earlier in the year, a few people pointed out that it did in fact have a turbo. Initially we were skeptical. But for the most part, it looks like they might be right.
Turbo or no turbo, a new Miata is coming, and soon! Mark your calendars boys and girls, we can’t wait for Mazda’s latest and greatest roadster to hit the streets on September 3rd, 2014.
Watch the teaser vid below: