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Friday, July 4, 2014

New C7 Z06 Spotted On a Public Road, Sans Camouflage

This little thirty second video posted by YouTube user, maxxtruck9906, is a perfect example of what life will be like when Chevrolet releases the C7 Z06 to their eagerly-awaiting customers. What surprises us most about the video, though, is that it was posted in the middle of May and is just now going viral.
You might remember an article earlier this year about a video of a C7 Z06 driving around and parking in all of its camouflaged glory at a WalMart in Yuma, but this video takes the cake. However, there is no audio, so we can’t hear all 650 supercharged horses galloping down the highway.
We do like the fact that Chevrolet has the car running around with zero camouflage– it makes sense, because they really don’t need to hide the car after there are countless photos of it on the internet.
Plus, we think that not having camouflage on the car kind of brings the paparazzi levels down, being that there’s no disruptive or crazy-patterned graphics for spy photographers to follow and gawk at– just Chevrolet’s newest supercar, hidden in plain sight.
We can’t wait to see this car in person – it’s going to be an agonizing rest of the year waiting for the Z06 to hit the road, let alone hear it under load. For now, we’ll just have to wait until more video pops up over the course of the year!