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Saturday, August 1, 2015

This 800 Horsepower Z06 is a Corvette to Rule All ‘Vettes

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If one is good…two is better. That “twice is nice” scenario can apply to all the finer things in life. But when it applies to horsepower, well…hold on to your hat. 
In 2002, Chevrolet threw Corvette fans a little treat in the form of the tweaked and tuned ’02 Z06. The triumphant sportscar upped its horsepower from 385 ponies to a potent 405, not a trifling number by any means. But someone thought that wasn’t enough, not by a long shot.
That’s why that person created this–a fully-built 2002 Corvette Z06 which pumps out double what the original car could manage. A storming 810 horsepower. The car recently appeared on eBay, and with its sleek body modifications to add to that epic claim of power–it’s a performance rival for today’s tuned ‘Vettes.

First, that power. Underneath the hood lies the original 5.7-liter LS6 V8, but it’s far from showroom stock. The owner notes that the engine was fettled by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, and now sports an ATI supercharger and dual boost turbocharger.
Detailed performance specifications haven’t been elaborated on, but the presumption is that 810 horsepower to the rear wheels can get you going in quite the hurry.
That horsepower gets its flight thanks to the Corvette’s six-speed manual gearbox, which spins up an elegant set of HRE racing alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Behind those wheels hide some sizable brake discs, bitten by red Corvette calipers.
 The sportscar’s maw strays from the typical C5 front end, and now sports a custom carbon fiber front bumper. It’s a good look, as is the sharp Corsa Titanium dual exhaust.

Inside, the Corvette boasts a delightfully un-fooled-around-with Z06 interior. No silly checked flag racing stripes here–just black Z06 seats, a fire extinguisher for good measure, and an aftermarket car stereo. All in all, it’s a fearsome looking setup…and that’s beyond its 810 horsepower parting shot.