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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Modern Performance, Classic Design—The Bilenkin Vintage is the Only Car You’ll Ever Need



Classic design, modern reliability; it’s a rare combination that gearhead dreams are made of. While you might be able to pick out a few companies here and there offering the dual-threat in one stunning package (e.g. Singer), Russian-based Bilenkin is doing it right. Very right.
The car you see here made its debut at the Dubai Motor Show just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately for us, it didn’t get the press it deserved then. It will now. Based on the outgoing BMW M3, the Bilenkin Vintage, as it’s so aptly named, combines classic design with modern performance.

 The final product is a sort of mashup between a Volga Coupe and a Volvo P1800. Both designs stunning in their own right, made even more so by the master craftsmen at Bilenkin.


Underneath the gorgeous design is the aforementioned, very tolerable BMW E92 M3 frame. That means that with 400 horsepower, classic lines have likely never moved so fast. For those of you less inclined for speed, Bilenkin also offers a more subtle 300-horsepower V6 package based on the previous-gen BMW 3 Series. Both equally stunning in design, inside and out.
The interior features an extravagant finish that mimics the exterior.

Floral patterns and leather cover the seats, front and back, while the dash catches the eye with an aquamarine finish, some wonderfully retro gauges, and even a steering wheel pulled right from the 60s. Though, considering it is a ‘modern’ vehicle, a touchscreen infotainment system was fitted.


But with all the positives—the stunning design, the ample performance—there is a slight downside. In fear of sugar-coating it: you’ll be dishing out €130,000 ($137,800) for this wonderful machine. So it is no bargain, but for about the same price you’d be able to pick up a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer, the Bilenkin Vintage sports car is a very enticing alternative.