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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Queen Elizabeth Drives Her Jaguar Wherever She Pleases


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Queen Elizabeth Jaguar

It must be very good to be the Queen. You have an army at your disposal, wear a diamond crown, and can ignore the rules of the road on a whim. Queen Elizabeth proved that last one recently when she took her Jaguar onto the grass to pass a family in the park who was moving too slowly for her liking.

According to BestRide, the incident happened on the Long Walk at Windsor Great Park. This is a place where the public isn’t permitted to drive. Only the park’s rangers and the Queen can take a car into the park.

queen elizabeth jaguar two

This is where she encountered Scarlett Vincent and Toby Core who were walking along enjoying the day with their son Tedddy. That’s when they noticed an older woman trying to drive around them in her Jaguar X-Type Estate. The pair were surprised to find that the woman was their Queen.

They were understandably caught off guard and couldn’t help pointing as she drove right past them on the grass. The Queen graced them with the royal wave and a smile as she continued on her way. It’s good to be the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth Jaguar three