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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Watch a Tank Completely Destroy an Innocent Saab


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Saab Tank Crush

Let’s say for a minute you have access to a tank and no pressing need to blow up stuff or run over bad guys. You can’t let the tank sit bored and lonely so you have to come up with something interesting to do, like running over an innocent Saab.

The tank in question is called the Chieftan and it was used in England for decades. Its 19-liter Leyland L60 engine powered over whatever the heck the boys inside wanted to flatten.

 The two-stoke engine has 12 pistons and 6 cylinder bores with pairs vertically opposed. It was rated at 750 hp and was, according to BangShift, a “multifuel” engine.

Tank Crushes Saab

What exactly does that mean? Use your imagination. This thing could run on everything from diesel to cat pee, should a herd of cats be your only available fuel source on the battlefield. Hey, stranger things have happened.

There’s no battle happening in this video because the Saab doesn’t even try and put up a fight. It is doomed. Definitely listen with the sound turned up because the tank engine hangs wide open at one point with the presumed owner of the tank heading for the hatch to likely hit the stop button and save his toy.