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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Drake’s New McLaren 675LT in 10 Amazing Photos


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The British coupe launches from zero to 124 mph in just eight seconds, cracks 205 mph if fully unleashed, and costs an eye-watering $350,000 plus.

This one however is a bit more special than most. Drake picked it up from Toronto dealership and tuner Driving Emotions Motorcar, and it’s said to be the 47th of the rarified 500 675LT coupes that McLaren built. The crew took a few photos of the car before it found its famous new owner; here are the best shots.


Starting from the bottom, the 675LT is based upon McLaren’s other member of its exclusive ‘Super Series’ cars, the 650S. The fire-breathing beast still shares its 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 with its sibling.


That said, it’s been carefully updated, nipped, and tucked to be an even greater supercar performer. The 675LT features updated bodywork and aerodynamic developments (like its rear air-brake) which give it 40 percent more downforce at speed.


There’s actually quite a bit of McLaren P1 DNA beneath the new ‘Long Tail’ as well. The 675LT features a suspension setup and geometry nicked from the famous 903-horsepower hypercar.


In the car’s original announcement, company CEO Mike Flewitt compared the 675LT as “the closest thing there is to a McLaren P1.” That’s quite the statement.


Befitting its supercar status, the McLaren 675LT dashes to 60 miles per hour in under 2.9 seconds. Just hold on, we’re going home… and at light speed!


The ‘675LT’ name pays homage to McLaren’s racing history. In the ‘90s, McLaren took two class wins at the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans, one with its longer and more aerodynamic F1 GTR ‘Longtail’, hence the ‘LT’ moniker. A scant 10 were built in total.


The 675LT also benefits from a strict carbon fiber diet; McLaren cut a whole 220 pounds from the standard 650S, but look inside and you’ll still find plenty of luxury—from rich orange-and-black Alcantara covering the seats and dashboard, to sleek carbon fiber panels, as well as McLaren’s console-mounted infotainment system.


It’s truly an ultimate driver’s car, and one befitting of its hallowed place amongst legendary names like the McLaren F1 and P1. Good purchase Drake.


Need one for yourself? McLaren only built 500 675LT coupes and 500 675LT ‘Spyder’ convertibles, and they all sold out in a matter of days.

Photo Credit: George Bucur Photography, Driving Emotions Motorcar

Photo Credit: George Bucur Photography, Driving Emotions Motorcar