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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Volkswagen Beetle Dune Will Actually Enter Production


    Flashback to earlier this year; Volkswagen had resurrected a spiritual successor to the Baja Bug with the funky new Beetle Dune Concept. Of course, being the cynics that we are, none of us ever thought this amazing thing was going to be built. Boy were we wrong.

Thanks to some new information, this lovable off-road Bug is actually going to be built. Destined for the European market in early 2016, rumor has it that it’s going to make its world-debut in production form at this year’s LA Auto Show.

Likely to have the same 210-horsepower engine as the R-Line, the Dune Beetle will be longer, wider and taller than the Beetle R-Line on which it’s based.
Unfortunately, there is some not-so-great news. According to marketing chief Matthias Zauner, in a new interview with Car Magazine, the production version is likely to remain 2WD only. All the upgrades are “almost exclusively visual.” Bummer.

Expected to hit the market in both hard top and convertible variants, the Beetle Dune will cost a smidgen more (approx. $3,800) than the standard Beetle.