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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotted Driving Bugatti Veyron




We’re not sure what’s a bigger celebrity sighting—Arnold Schwarzenegger or a Bugatti Veyron. Well, get to the chopper, because someone recently spotted Ahhhhnald himself driving a Veyron. That’s a two-for-one if you’re keeping score.
We’re not sure whether or not Arnold owns the Bugatti — although, he did just get rid of his beloved Unimog. Either way, the Governator was spotted hitting the town in the $1M Grand Sport Vitesse.


While Arnold might be more associated with Hummers, we have to say he looks good in the Veyron.

That’s not a “True Lie,” of course, because we’d rather not be terminated by the “Kindergarten Cop.” At least we have “Total Recall” when it comes to how fast a Veyron can go (over 200 miles per hour).

OK, we’re done with the puns. If you happen to spot Arnold behind the Bugatti’s wheel, make sure to let him know that the lump on your arm is not a tumor.