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Monday, September 15, 2014

Jeep off-roader tests roll cage the hard way


Extreme off-roaders know there's no thrill without the occasional spill. You can't push your machines to the limit on near-vertical climbs and rocky outcroppings without losing a few to nature. This particular off-road re-enactment of the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme hits the "tumbling down" part with extreme force — thankfully without anyone breaking a crown.
Caught by YouTube off-road shooter MadRam11 at an undisclosed location, the driver's approach in his kitted-out Jeep Cherokee takes some significant wheel spin and power to clamber up the loose gravel. The phone-shot video doesn't capture exactly what went wrong on top, but whatever it was, the Jeep loses its footing quickly and has a long way to travel down.

In racing, drivers are taught to take their hands off the wheel so that the steering gear doesn't break their wrists. In off-roading with open-cage bodies, that technique would lead to serious injuries; the Jeep driver here wisely grips the wheel through those several terrifying seconds of descent, and reportedly suffered no major injuries. The Jeep wasn't all that pretty to begin with, so the old bumper sticker adage applies; flip it over and try again.