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Monday, September 22, 2014

Pull Over! This Bugatti Veyron got a Dutch Police Makeover


Uh oh. There’s another police liveried Bugatti Veyron prowling the streets, this time in the Netherlands. Lead-footed Dutch drivers, worry not though – you won’t be seeing this Veyron chasing down speeders any time soon.
Rather, Bugatti enthusiast dutchbugs, who owns a trio of Veyrons, wrapped one of his supercars in the Netherlands’ unique police striping and will display the car at the upcoming 112th Day event in Delft. Hopefully “displaying” means maxing out its top speed on the Netherlands’ A4 highway or doing PIT maneuvers, though we somehow doubt that in a $2 million Grand Sport.

In the area? The police, fire and emergency services forum will be held on Oct. 4 and will include a variety of demonstrations, aside from the Veyron, which include cutting cars open and putting out fires. Sign us up.
The Bugatti’s law enforcement transformation was handled by ace Dutch mod shop, JD Customs, and includes all the preliminary police lighting with blues fitted on the bumper, roof, and dashboard. However, the Bugatti doesn’t have a backseat, which would make transporting crooks a bit tricky.
 Though strapping criminals to the roof of a 250 mph Veyron might just be the best crime deterrent in the world.