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Monday, September 22, 2014

Tony Stewart’s Fatal Track Accident Case Will Go To Grand Jury




The sprint car race at Canadaigua Motorsports Park in New York on Aug. 9 came to a tragic end when driver Kevin Ward Jr. was struck and killed by driver Tony Stewart. The decision over whether or not Stewart will face criminal charges as a result of the accident will now be decided by a grand jury.

The case was originally received by District Attorney Michael Tantillo, who presides over Ontario County, New York, but he has decided the decision over filing criminal charges should fall to a grand jury. This is just one piece of the investigation into the accident that claimed Ward’s life.

01 Stewart

There are ongoing investigations being conducted by both legal officials as well as race experts who are all trying to determine exactly what happened that night and who is to blame. The accident occurred during a confrontation between Ward and Stewart, with Ward getting out of his car and then being hit by Stewart.

Plenty of witnesses saw the accident and there is even video, but there are no details about what kind of evidence will be presented or about who might be called to testify as a potential witness. That information, as well as the results of the myriad investigations, will likely come during grand jury proceedings.

02 Stewart

Although Stewart initially withdrew from the racing circuit, he is once again behind the wheel while the investigation continues.