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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Which State Has the Rudest Drivers?




We’ve got the answer to that age-old courtesy question of which state has the rudest drivers. The results might just surprise you.
Surprisingly, it’s Idaho — according to a new survey conducted by The company collected ballots from 2,000 licensed drivers nationwide (half men, half women), leaving us to conclude … it must be something in the potatoes.

Idaho Time

According to driver responses, Idaho remains a veritable perfect storm for high-blood-pressure-inducing road conditions, thanks in part to its picturesque landscapes.

 Half of Idahoans feel no fault with cruising along at five to 10 miles per hour under the limit, taking ample time to enjoy the view, while apparently the other half drive at light speed and throw up the one finger salute with little remorse.

But despite their aggressive on-road attitude, notes that Idahoans pay some of the lowest car insurance premiums in the nation. Now isn’t that something to smile about?


The remaining Top 10 for rudeness includes Washington D.C., New York, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Vermont, Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada, and Utah.

The list points out a few great state rivalries. Drivers in North Carolina and South Carolina (#42 and #39, respectively) vehemently fault each others’ rude driving.

 Drivers from California don’t much care for driving in any other state, other than California. And out of nowhere, Alaskan drivers apparently infuriate motorists from Arizona, and the same goes for Kansans driving through Hawaii.

Looking to take a trip where the majority of drivers don’t want to run you off the road? Try heading to North Dakota, Maine, New Hampshire, Montana, or Minnesota.