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Sunday, September 7, 2014

One Great Deal On a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette


Thanks to the guys over at Insurance Auto Auctions, we will soon all have the chance to bid on a real bargain car. This black on black 2014 Stingray will run across the block at the Batton Rouge auction house. The seller is listed as “Geico Insurance” as they are surely trying to recoup some of their probable $50,000+ loss. Maybe they will luck out if a buyer shows up in need of some “heat-treated” parts.
Perhaps this car was involved in a sizable wreck, which would typically leave the owner on the fence until their insurer determines whether or not to “total out” the vehicle. If the damage is bad enough, some folks prefer to just move on and look for a new love, while others want their beloved car back… despite a few replacements and repairs.

As you scan through the various photos, amongst the strands of unburnt fiberglass it is interesting to see some of the parts that mildly did survive. Some parts withstood the flames thanks to being constructed of quality steel, like the brake rotors and frame sections, while others may have been spared by lying farther from the heat source. Either way, we found it fun to try and identify some remaining pieces and get an interesting view “inside” the Corvette.
While it clearly ruined the chance for a potential project car or the beginning platform of a race car, for all we know the owner may have been one of those who prefers to move on from a totaled car. Hopefully he or she did not suffer any injury and is currently tearing up some asphalt in their new Stingray!