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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Moron Drives Off Flatbed Tow Truck To Avoid Parking Ticket: Video



    The rules of the road are pretty simple, folks: don’t drive too fast, don’t park where you’re not supposed to, pay attention to the signs—those are the basics. Sometimes you break one of those rules. When you do, own up to it. Don’t do what this guy did.

    What did this guy do? He went out to find his car on the back of a flatbed tow truck for parking violations, climbed aboard, and backed straight off the vehicle—three-foot drop and all.
    The situation happened in the Walthamstow, East London area in the UK, according to the Daily Mail.

    Apart from the damage the car is sure to have suffered, the way the driver escaped from the tow truck—and, ultimately it seems, the ticket—was patently unsafe. A group of children were standing nearby when the motorized moron went flailing off the back of the truck at full throttle.

    According to the Waltham Forest Council, neither the car nor the driver could be traced, and police are not pursuing the matter.