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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Porsche 913 Concept Previews the Ferrari Fighter We’ve Been Waiting For



Now that the 918 is all said and done, Porsche has its sights set directly on McLaren and Ferrari. If you think about it, between the 911 and 918, there’s really nothing that competes directly with the 458 and McLaren 650S. At least, not yet.

Word on the street is Porsche is working on that very vehicle. Unfortunately, we have no idea when said Ferrari-fighter will be here or what it will look like. But thanks to the power of Photoshop — and graphic designer Rene Garcia — this edgy Porsche 913 concept might be as close to the real thing as it gets.

Porsche 913 Concept 2

Like its larger 918 brethren, the 913 concept is long and sleek and pretty wonderful. It might be a little sharper then Porsche faithful are used to given Porsche’s history of smooth design, but it still retains that look synonymous with the German automaker.

The front end keeps a lot of the signature cues, while the wheels, mirrors, and rear diffuser get a bit edgier so that it stands out from the rest of the lineup.
Porsche 913 Concept
The designer even went so far as to mock up a handsome interior, complete with brown leather seats and dash, a well thought out center console, and all the knobs and switches you would expect in a six-figure supercar.

It’s an enticing option, especially when you consider the segment it will be in. Our only question is — can we have one? Please?


Porsche 913 Concept 3