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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Simpsons’ Best Car Crashes Ever




The Simpsons, which kicks off its 25th anniversary season on Fox this fall, is known for its spectacular stunts like Homer skateboarding unsuccessfully over a canyon and getting shot repeatedly by cannonballs. One personal injury law firm has decided to catalogue the top 15 car crashes on the animated series.
The Reeves Law Group, in Santa Monica, California, put together this list – along with some legalese about not driving drunk and plugs for how great their practice is. Either way, it’s still a great read because anything involving Homer guarantees hilarity (especially because this list includes none of the morality found in every episode).

Here are some of my favorites from the list. I don’t dare repeat the entirety because it was compiled by personal injury attorneys. They know how to sue.
Das Bus: Season 9, Episode 14
 Otto, everybody’s favorite stoner bus driver, crashes the Springfield Elementary school bus after being blinded by a grapefruit. As could only happen on The Simpsons, the kids end up on a deserted island reenacting George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
Bart On The Road: Season 7, Episode 20
This is a brilliant episode. This isn’t so much a car crash as the destruction of a car. Nelson throws a rock at the World’s Fair Globe that topples on the car Bart rented with the fake license he made visiting Patty and Selma at Springfield’s motor vehicle office.
It’s a perfectly convoluted plot as are all great Simpsons’ episodes. This one’s worth watching just to see Nelson cry at an Andy Williams performance in Branson.

Lisa’s Rival: Season 6, Episode 2
  Don’t be fooled by the title. This is the famous episode where Homer hijacks a load of a sugar from an overturned sugar tanker.
As with any great Simpsons episode, the setup (i.e. the sugar tanker turnover) creates some brilliant comedy for Homer. I mean what’s funnier than him peddling ill-gotten sugar door to door? Or slipping into delirium while guarding his pile?

Bart The Daredevil: Season 2, Episode 8
 This is the episode where Bart attempts to skateboard over Springfield Gorge. He, in a rare moment of rationality, backs out of doing the stunt.
Homer, attempting to stop him, doesn’t and plunges across. Of course he doesn’t make it and crashes down the gorge wall in a painful pirouette. Wait for it. The ambulance rescuing Homer crashes and sends him barreling down the gorge walls once again. It’s comedy gold.
Homer Peter fight

By the way, here’s a bonus track just because I hope you love The Simpsons as much as I do. There’s apparently an epic battle in the upcoming Simpsons/Family Guy crossover between Peter Griffin and Homer that results in a bus crash causing a nuclear meltdown.
Now that’s going to be an instant classic. Don’t believe me? Well, click on the video below and judge for yourself. You’re welcome.