Drag racing is great for many reasons. One of those many reasons is that it produces some truly spectacular crashes. This is one of those crashes.

    At the Colorado Street Outlaws race at Pikes Peak International Raceway, a guy and his 1955 Chevy drag car start the scene off like any other day at the strip, lined up against a Camaro. He comes out of the hole like a shot, but then things quickly go pear-shaped.

    After a near-save, the ’55 Chevy rolls down the strip, tumbling several times before coming to a stop—but not before the driver has apparently come loose in the cockpit, his legs sticking out of the windshield.

    Fortunately, the driver walked away unharmed, but this incident could have turned out very differently. It’s a great lesson not only in the value of luck, but also in the value of proper safety equipment and restraints—which don’t appear to have been in operation here.