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Monday, August 3, 2015

Sorry Brits: Ford May Only Sell 20 GT Supercars in the UK



Ford is building a new GT supercar, didn’t you hear? And while we wait in anticipation for the latest and greatest track monster from Detroit Canada, Ford fans in the UK might not be so happy about the latest news.
In a recent interview with British publication Autocar, Ford of Britain boss Andy Barratt said, “We haven’t declared the absolute run for this GT, but the numbers are going to be a lot lower than the 2005 car.”

Ford GT Supercar 3

In case you don’t remember, Ford only planned to unleash 4,500 initial GTs back in 2005 (of which only 4,038 were sold), with only 100 of those cars being exported to Europe. Now that number looks to be even less, and Ford Britain isn’t too happy about the idea.
“Selfishly, seven percent of Ford’s global sales are in the UK,” said Ford Britain boss Andy Barratt. “So my argument is ‘can we have seven percent [of the production run]? I want as many as I can because it is such an iconic car.”

Ford GT Supercar

While Britain may not get as many as it wants, neither will anyone else. Initial reports suggest that only about 250 examples of the GT will be built annually. Taking into account the 2005 vehicle, that’s a very small number.

We’ll know exact details from Ford in the coming months when the GT actually goes on sale.