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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rule the Dunes with this Challenger A/T Untamed Concept


In the automotive world, there’s something mesmerizing about a car that simply shouldn’t be. And if there’s one thing a hulking muscle car like the Dodge Challenger, shouldn’t be – it’s probably a lithe off-road dune-skipper. But molds are meant to be broken, aren’t they?


Re-imagined by award-winning designer Joey Ruiter (aka J. Ruiter), this is the Dodge Challenger A/T Untamed Concept, which unlike its production cousin, looks to be just as at home on a drag strip as it would on a rutted trail.

And he’d love to build one for you. As you can imagine, the Challenger A/T Untamed boasts extensive off-road modifications.

 Included in that overhaul is a custom long-travel front suspension setup, rear trailing arms with links, rock sliders, skid plates, added body armor, as well as go-anywhere fender flares and wheel well reinforcement.


Thanks to the lifted ride-height, the Challenger tucks away a spare knobby tire underneath the trunk – if you’re going to take on the tough stuff, you’ll need it…or two. Inside, the Challenger A/T fits racing seats and tool storage, though we’d probably add a roll-cage just for good measure.

But is there a screaming Hellcat V8 engine? As of now, no. According to Autoblog, Ruiter would opt for a tuned V6 due to packaging and weight reasons, but you never know. Anyone think this Challenger is worth bringing to life? Find more of Ruiter’s compelling designs at his website.