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Thursday, September 4, 2014

UK company delivers students to college in a chauffeur-driven $1.2 million McLaren P1. Costs $30,000 per day.



Driving the McLaren P1
That first day at college is typically fraught with nerves. The social aspect worries a freshman the most -- who will their roommate be; will he/she be friendly; what will the other students be like; will I fit in?
These are all valid concerns, but one UK-based company thinks it has solved the problem: Just rent a chauffeur-driven McLaren P1 to drop you off at school on your first day; you'll be the most popular kid on campus, and, even better, it'll only set you back $30,000.

That's Uni Baggage's business plan, anyway. The company's day job is to delivers students' luggage to their halls for the first day of college, but after some of their wealthier clients inquired about delivering themselves to school too, Uni Baggage expanded its business by purchasing a fleet of luxury cars.

 This includes a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Ferrari 430, an Aston Martin and the $1.15 million, 903 hp McLaren P1.

Students that deem a luxury car to be too, er, inconspicuous can also arrive via helicopter for $33,000, or private jet (if one's college possesses a private runway -- and whose doesn't?) for $41,000.

According to The Sunday Times, Uni Baggage, who brazenly named the service "Very Important Freshers," expects to deliver 20-30 students to their first day of college via its luxury transportation service, as opposed to the 10,000 items of luggage it typically ships.

 The wealthy students, sure to become the most loathed kids on campus, are typically foreign and primarily use the service not to make an entrance, according to Uni Baggage, but because it's "what they're used to."

I was used to arriving to college by bus. Perhaps that's where I went wrong?