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Monday, October 20, 2014

Chrysler 200 Coupe Looks Good, But Will It Ever Be Produced?



      To answer that question bluntly— no. Today’s automakers are smart, as a result, no company is looking to mass produce a car that won’t give them any sort of sales boost. This rear-wheel drive Chrysler 200 coupe concept might be the perfect example of that.

      Although tempting, don’t expect Chrysler to rework its front-drive 200 chassis anytime soon…much less cut two doors out of it. But at least if Chrysler did, we can now say that it would be quite a looker.


      Render artist Theophilus Chin plied his craft over the weekend and cooked up this eye-catching interpretation of a new 2015 two-door 200. It certainly pushes all the right buttons.

      The car’s standard hood length paired with its long swooping roofline and short rear deck provide it with a bit of a BMW 4-Series meets F-Type Coupe appearance, which ideally isn’t a bad lot to be compared to. The prospect of the 292-horsepower 3.5-liter Pentastar V6 in a lithe two-door certainly wouldn’t find many complaints from Mopar fans either.

      Alas, it won’t come to pass. Chrysler axed the 200 Convertible for 2015 due to low sales and high expenses associated with chopping the roof off the 200’s new structure, and a coupe would likely get the same “sorry, no thanks” nod of disapproval.

       Chrysler also already sells a rear-drive V6-toting model; perhaps you’ve heard of it – the 300. Ah well, we can all hope.