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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Porsche Cayman Doubles as Sporty Shooting Brake



Somewhere, across the Internet, there is a person who has dreamed incessantly of turning their balanced, honed Porsche Cayman into a sleek shooting brake. Today, consider your wish granted.

Ace automotive render artist, Theophilus Chin, got creative with the latest iteration of the Porsche Cayman, made a few tweaks and adjustments, threw in the rear-quarters from the Porsche Macan, and voila! Here it is.


The name? Chin has decided to call it the “Cayvan,” though if it were up to us, we’d opt for “Cacaaan.” As with any conceptual render, does this one have enough steam to merit production talks? Perhaps.

Porsche’s previous hatch-equipped sports cars – the 924, 944, and 928 – all sported functional and stylish lift-back rear windows and there remains a significant tuner scene dedicated to full shooting brake conversions of those iconic sportsters.


However, there’s a problem. And it’s got to do with that peach of a flat-six engine. It’s simply in the wrong place. The Porsche 924, 944 and 928 boasted their four-cylinder and V8 engines up front, as compared to the Cayman, which chucks it flat-six in the middle … effectively in the way of the sofa and end table that you’re trying to haul.

And regardless of how badly you might want one, it doesn’t exactly make sense from a sales point of view. Not in the sense that it wouldn’t sell – surely some folks would buy one. But something sporty and practical like this would cannibalize Porsche’s new similarly sporty and similarly practical Macan.
Alas, we can still dream.