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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

See the Audi RS7 That Will Lap a Track Without a Driver




    In an effort to further prove that driverless cars are coming whether we like it or not, Audi is going to send a driverless RS7 for one lap around Germany’s Hockenheim Ring on Oct. 19.
    The event will take place during the DTM touring car season finale. Audi is promising speeds of up to 150 mph and a lap time of just over two minutes, which isn’t far off the best time set by a production sedan. That was a 2:02.71 time set by a BMW M3 sedan in 2007.


    It’s bad enough that self-driving cars might take the joy of driving away from us regular Joes, but what about the race car drivers who might find themselves out of jobs? Autonomous racing series anyone?