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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Already in the Works




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The Mercedes-AMG GT was officially launched at the Paris Motor Show like last week, yet they wasted no time confirming this won’t be the only version we’ll see. There are definite plans for an even more performance oriented version that will officially be part of the Black Series.

According to Evo, the news was confirmed by AMG boss Tobias Moers who said the Black will be coming “sooner or later.” Exactly what they’ll do to make it Black Series worthy hasn’t been revealed, but it will likely involve a horsepower boost beyond the 503 already found in the S trim level.

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Black Series models traditionally include greater horsepower along with enhancements to the brakes, suspension, and aerodynamics that make these cars the most performance oriented of their lines. We’ll probably will wait awhile to see just what enhancements the AMG GT Black will sport since there is a pretty full slate of cars in development already.

There’s a droptop version of the AMG GT expected for 2015 as well as a coupe version of the new C63. That pushes off the potential reveal of an AMG GT Black Series to a good few years down the road, possibly for 2018.

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