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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dubai Paramedics Get Jealous; Buy a Lotus and Mustangs





For quite a while now, the slightest utterance of the words “police Lamborghini” or for that matter, any criminal-busting supercar, conjures up the image of one constabulary above all others –  the Dubai PD. So it’s safe to say the emirate’s other first responders might have been a bit miffed about their lack of supercar speed. But not anymore.

According to the UAE’s The National, Dubai paramedics are now receiving a Lotus Evora and a duo of Ford Mustangs for use as rapid-response emergency vehicles, intended to drop the unit’s response times from around eight minutes in a normal ambulance to just under four. Ambitious but nonetheless fitting for Dubai.


The first of the bunch, the two-seat Lotus Evora – dubbed ‘First Responder’ – debuted on Sunday at Dubai’s Gitex Technology Week, equipped to the gills with first-aid bags, suction pumps, foam splints for fractures, cardiac defibrillators, and oxygen tanks.

It even packs a mobile data terminal for first responders to relay key info to other emergency personnel and the hospital. Though fitting a guy on a stretcher into the 160 mph Evora appears to be an absolute no-no – that much will have to wait for the purpose-built ambulances.

“We plan to do special training since driving a sports car is not the same like driving regular cars,” notes paramedic Zaid Al Mamari. Expectedly, the trio of super-coupes will initially demonstrate their abilities in the emirate’s more touristy areas before going into service.