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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Maserati MC12 Looks Stunning on the Street



    Maserati MC12

    50; that’s the original number of uber rare Maserati MC12 Corsa race cars the Italian firm built between 2004 and 2005. So with such a limited amount of cars built, you wouldn’t expect to see one just hanging out on a residential street. Someway, somehow, in Northern California— I did. Scrambling to get my camera equipment, I had to go back and get a few shots of this thing.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the MC12 Corsa, I’ll give you a quick history lesson. The car was designed and built off the chassis of the Ferrari Enzo to celebrate Maserati’s return to racing after a 37 year absence. It’s longer, lower and about nearly as fast as the Enzo with a 205 mph top speed and a V12. It had a relatively successful racing career, but today it resembles more of a museum piece than anything.

    It’s a beautiful car with beautiful lines and a beautiful lineage. Now just sit back, watch the video below, and soak up all that beauty: