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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Minty Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Tugs at our Heartstrings




The year is 1967. The car? Alfa Romeo’s new 1750 GT Veloce – a fast, nimble, point-and-squirt coupe that much of the automotive world has yet to stop talking about. And now, 47 years after its original production date, you can bring one home … and for not a lot of coin.

Debuting in ’67, the 1750 GTV came to existence alongside Alfa Romeo’s similarly powered 1750 Berlina sedan and 1750 Spider roadster. It offered up a replacement to the visually similar Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, which in turn wasn’t far removed from the original ’63 Giulia Sprint GT.


As the name suggests, its most significant update was its engine – a 1779cc dual-overhead cam four-cylinder making 120 horsepower and 137 lb-ft of torque. While that might sound paltry compared to today’s Italian sports cars, it was enough to give the GTV a top speed of 118 mph and truly enthralling characteristics for fast touring.

Underneath, the svelte 1750 sported an independent front suspension with coil springs and a beam axle at the rear, which partnered with a five-speed manual gearbox to urge the little Alfa from zero to 60 mph in around 9.3 seconds. Fast by contemporary standards.


We’ll get the negative out of the way first. According to this model’s posting on Cool & Vintage, it’s not perfect. This late model ’71 GTV has never undergone a proper restoration, its interior remains clean though reportedly has its blemishes, and a good but not perfect respray coated the car about a decade ago.

That being said, the rest is Alfa at its best. The listing claims a highly regarded Alfa Romeo specialist rebuilt the 1750 engine and also fitted upgraded brakes and suspension components, resulting in one of the finest driving Alfas the guys at C&V have ever seen. Steering feels reportedly bang-on, torque delivery more or less a dream come true, but best of all – no rust.


The price? You can make this minty Euro-market 1750 GTV yours for about $34,500.