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Friday, October 17, 2014

This Concept Would be Perfect for Ferrari’s Return to Le Mans




Ferrari LMP1 Concept

A few weeks ago, we showed you an artist’s interpretation of what a Ferrari LeMans Prototype might look like. While the pictures were in line with the current Ferrari design language and heavily used the LaFerrari as a basis for the concept, the car in question probably would never be made. Thanks, FIA. But alas, another designer decided to take a crack at the design aiming for a design that’s a little more FIA friendly.

Spanish designer Oriol Folch Garcia believes this is what a Ferrari Le Mans racer could look like — and it’s hard to disagree with him. The concept blends cues from Ferrari’s current design language with elements of the LaFerrari supercar. It’s finished off in a racing guise you would expect and looks ready to hit the track. But is there even a chance Ferrari will return to endurance racing?

Ferrari LMP1 Concept 2

If we’re taking a few hints from Ferrari’s F1 ace Fernando Alonso — who also waved the start flag at LeMans — then that answer might be yes. “As I said in Suzuka, my mind has been set for the last two or three months and you will understand that it was probably very obvious what I will do,” said Alonso. “I will do the best for my future, the best for the future of Ferrari as well because that has been my priority for the last seven years to help this fantastic team.”

Ferrari LMP1 Concept 3

With Alonso’s subtle hints and Ferrari’s recent F1 struggles, a return to Le Mans might be best. Of course, only time will tell if Ferrari does pursue top tier endurance racing once again. Until we get that official confirmation, we can at least marvel at the sheer beauty of what a Ferrari racecar could be.