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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wanna Buy a Porsche 918 Spyder? Better Hurry



The Porsche 918 Spyder is one of the rarest cars on the market, and it’s about to get even rarer. According to one Porsche executive, the exclusive supercar is almost already sold out.

Andre Oosthuizen, vice president of marketing for Porsche Cars North America, was quoted in Automotive News as saying that a small number of the 918 Spyders marked for sale were still available. He didn’t say how many have been sold, but planned production is already full through March or April of next year, with production expected to end in July of 2015. Porsche has already delivered more than 30 units.


The German sportscar maker is stickering the car at $847,975 to start, and the company has tried to hook buyers by throwing private parties and mailing promotional materials. Interested buyers have been asked to put $200,000 down.

Of course, the fact that a Porsche exec is saying that the car is almost sold out could simply be a ploy to generate a few more sales, but given how rare the 918 Spyder is, Oosthuizen is probably telling the truth.