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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20: Henry Ford stamps the first Model A engine on this date in 1927


Henry Ford stamps the first Model A engine, 1927

On this date in 1927, Ford dealers were barely hanging on. Ford had halted production of the Model T several months earlier, but had yet to reveal the car that would replace it or even say when it would go on sale.

 Internally, the Model A was ready, but only after years of debate between Henry Ford and his son Edsel over how to replace the Tin Lizzie. On Oct. 20, Henry Ford himself personally stamped the first of the new Model A's engines to come off the line;

 "A1" was put into a car and then driven vigorously for 12 days to confirm that the production lines would work as intended. (Ford had to switch over dozens of plants from Model T production).

 Detroit lore holds that after testing was done, Henry Ford had A1 and the Model A it was in reserved for a frequent visitor to Dearborn — Thomas Edison. It would take more than a month for Ford to fully reveal the new car.